[BIO] is the official website of the dutch artist Reggie. She lives and works in Groningen, The Netherlands, where she studied at the Minerva College of Art & Design. Nowadays she works in her studio at Het Paleis (an old university chemistry lab) on photography, mixed media and film.

Reggie is also a film/ video-editor [short movies/clips/presentations for companies, broadcasting, cultural and creative industries] and she works on albumartwork, interior artwork and musicvideo's for a variety of bands.


Some quotes:

'With a strong attraction to hidden fantasyworlds and old Irish mythologie her works are real
stand-alone artworks, a mixture of photograpy and painting!' - L. Meester, visitor at an exhibition

She has her own style, seriously is thinking about a concept and the ideas and is
working on it for 100 percent! It is a special way of working together with someone who really understands
and is thinking on the same level' - Marco vd Velde/The Wounded, interview in metalfan

I had a late artwork to do for my dvd and Reggie made something very inspiring
and professional in a short time, thanks!'- Bob Miller

When i visited an exhibition i was moved by a particular work and bought it, it is still on my wall and i look at
it everyday , it never gets bored - A.M