[14 december 2010]
I'm working on a book about the 'Recollections' project. It's an ongoing project where i capture broken and burned frames at the archives and found footage (releasedate: fall 2011) My filmediting, conceptwork and creative imaging will continue in 2011 at
This website ( will continue with artprojects & works of Reggie.
My albumcovers, muscvido's and interior artwork:

[09 june 2010]
Check for albumcovers, interior artwork, musicvideo's and other musicrelated projects.

[04 march 2009]
The serie "Recollection' will be shown at the Clash party [] at 12 april in de oosterpoort, Groningen.

[06 february 2009] moved to a new workspace, check the contactdetails! Also i did the artwork/design for the album of Tollak/Across the Rubicon and edited the clip for Solace I Guess. This clip is a super8-film clip with materials from different archives and we made some new filmmaterial as well.

[06 november 2008]
The photographyproject for the book is finished and the book Album Amicorum will be released in Januari. I will update the gallery soon! The exhibition Update 1.01 was a well visited exhibition with good comments. Next week i will get the key of my new workspace and will be working from there before the 1st of Januari.

[18 september 2008]
From 13 september until 2 november new work will be shown at the Noorderlicht Gallery in Groningen. The exhibition Update 1.01 will be open wednesday - sunday from 12.00 - 18.00. More info: Also i'm working on a photographyproject for a book that will be released in december, a videoclip from a singer/songwriter, albumartwork for a band and we are getting more into the finishing touch of the musicrelatedprojects collective. Making sketches and working out ideas for my 'Seacrets' project (portraits of Tir-Na-N-Og and its inhabitants)

[20 august 2008]
The music & film are finished, lots of broken frames, stills and faceless portraits @Format GAVA, Muziekkoepel Noorderzon, Friday 22th August 22.30 and 23.30. Hope to see you! More info about the festival and tickets:

[07 juli 2008]
Finished a film/editjob for a cultural companie, working on different artworkprojects for bands, and setting up a collective with a friend of mine where we join forces on musicrelated projects. Keep checking this site for more information, update after the summerholiday. Also i'm getting more and more into the project i'm working on with Sensores and the performance we do together at the Noorderzon festival at the end of August. Check this link for more information about this performance.

[14 may 2008]
Time goes by so quick, but did a lot of things in the meantime! Editing film and dvd-menu for a company, Super-8 filming for own projects (as you can read below), lots of meetings with the TWIST-team and working out a new structure for showing my albumartwork and musicrelated projects. I did a small update on albumartwork, click on the thumbnails for a better view.

[13 march 2008]
For the 2008 Chelsea International Fine Art competition and the Irish Darklight Festival 2008 i've submitted artwork. I'm also still experimenting with filmmaterial, photographs and drawings for different projects. One of the projects is making visuals for a song by a new bandprojekt [EN Projekt] from a friend of mine.

[28 november 2007]
I'm experimenting with filmmaterial, photographs and drawings for different projects. Hope to show you something soon. In the meantime we started working on new ideas for TWIST, creative index Groningen were i'm an editor and also responsible for the images shown in the book. The releasedate will be in the beginning of 2009.

[13 november 2007]
The new album 'Global Ruin' for the band As it Burns is released. Check their My Space-site for more information and samples. I did the artwork, photography and design for the album.

[30 august 2007]
Back on track again!Working on a filmexpedition with Pavlov Media this weekend and did some photoshopwork for a booklet the last couple of days. In the meantime trying to work on the photographs i made in Norway and Sweden.

[15 juli 2007]
New website online! Please let me know what you think of it. I'm working with different kinds of designs and ideas to find out what is best for my work. If you have any ideas please contact me! ( is on holiday until 20th August 2007)

[01 juli 2007]
Some of my works will be shown at the 10th Anniversarygalleryshow 'Noord Zomergasten' in Galerie Noord
which is a gallery in the citycentre of Groningen. The show will be held from 21 July until 16 August.

[29 june 2007]
My work is shown at the online-gallery

[18 may 2007]
We've published a new book called 'TWIST', creative index Groningen 2007 which is about the creative industry and contains 304 pages of interviews, articles, art, innovation, design etcetera. I'm an editor and participant in the organisation. First edition was launched at 18 th of May and you can buy it at your bookstore or at!

[16 may 2007]
I'm working on the artwork and design for the new album 'Global Ruin' for the band As it Burns
This album will be launched in september 2007.

[01 march 2007]
A short update of what i'm working on and finished in the last few months:
Them Apples - Idiotstreet: Concept and artwork by Reggie. Limited edition in a transparant envelope, 500 numbered copies. The package contains a full length album in a carton sleeve, 5 postcards
[Check for more info about the band] The album was launched in VERA in december 2006.
Atelier Route Groningen: Organizing the Atelier Route Groningen. Every two year, two days, the largest in the Netherlands with 300 artists who are participating. This year the last edition: 27 and 28 May! We are also working really hard at a new book called 'TWIST' which is about the creative industry in Groningen and contains 304 pages of interviews, articles, art, innovation, design etcetera. I'm an editor and participant in the organisation.